1.  Choose a topic that interests you and have it approved by your teacher.  When choosing your topic, remember that your population is your classmates in math class.  Also think about whether you will be able to come up with survey questions that follow the criteria listed below.

2.  Write your survey questions with the following criteria....
  Question 1) This question must require a numerical answer so that the data collected can be shown in a stem and leaf plot and so that you can find the mean, median, mode and range of the data.
   Question 2) This question must be a multiple choice question with 4-6 choices and can only have one of those choices stating "other".  You will be using this data to make a data table and a bar graph.
  Question 3)  This question must have numerical answers that can be divided into equal intervals.  Hint: you could make the question a multiple choice and have the multiple choice answers be the pre-made intervals of numbers.  This data wll be displayed in a frequency table and a histogram.
  Question 4)  This is a question of your choice that you will be displaying the results in a way that has not been done previously in your portfolio. (examples: a pie graph, or double bar graph, or box-and-whiskers plot)  Think about what type of question or questions you need to ask in
order to get the data needed for the display you want to make.  (Example Hint: if you want to make a double bar graph separating answers given by males and females, then you need to ask 2 questions....Are you male or female and  then ask the question like " What is your favorite Type of Food to Eat?"

3.  Get your survey questions approved by your teacher.  You may email them to your teacher or show them to her in class.  

4.  Type your survey as a Form into Google Apps. and then email it to the rest of your classmates.
Open up Google Apps. and sign into your Google Docs.
* Click on "Create New" and choose "Form"
* Check the box at the top that says"Automatically collect respondent's username".
* Title your form: Your Full Name's Survey
example " Breta Brown's Restaurant Survey"
Type in your first question.(see directions above for Question 1).  Use a text box for the answer so your classmates can type in a number answer.
**Check the box at the bottom to "make this a required question"
* Click on "Add Item" to add a question.  Choose a multiple choice question to write your question 2.  (see directions above for Question 2).
**Check the box at the bottom to "make this a required question"
"Add Item" for question 3.  Choose to either do a text answer or multiple choice. (see directions above for Question 3).
**Check the box at the bottom to "make this a required question"
"Add Item" or more than one item to get the results you need for Question 4( see directions above for Question 4).
**Check the box at the bottom to "make this a required question"

5.  Emailing your Survey
When you think your survey is done and ready to go, click the Forms button and choose "Go to live Form."  Take a good look at the form to make sure it is complete and understandable.  If it is ready to go, highlight and copy the URL address from the top of the internet page, right click and copy the URL address. Open up your gmail and send yourself an email.  Paste the URL in to body of the email and send it to yourself.  Answer your own survey to make sure it works.  If it does, then open up your gmail.  "Reply All" to the email Mrs. Brown sent your whole math class called Survey.  Paste your URL into the email and send it to the class.  Your teacher will get this email too so check with her to make sure you sent your survey correctly.

6.  Answer your classmate's surveys as soon as you receive them.  Report to your teacher or classmate if there is a problem with their survey.

7.  After your classmates have taken your survey and you have completed thier surveys, then it is time to create your portfolio.